Report : Traffic light status report 25/02/2021 03:07:26
Section Name Number of items
Green Green  495
Amber Amber  182
Red Red  658
Amber Shared Care Protocol Amber Shared Care Protocol  6
Blue Blue  4
Green 2 Green 2  5
Grey Grey  16
Unknown Unknown  1280
Northern Lincolnshire

 Traffic Light Status Information

Status Description
 Green Green -Medicines suitable for routine use within primary care and Secondary care Can be initiated within primary care within their licensed indication, in accordance with nationally recognised formularies  
 Amber Amber- Medicines suitable to be prescribed in primary care after specialist /Consultant recommendation or initiation. A supporting prescribing guideline may be requested which must have been agreed by the relevant secondary care trust Medicines and Therapeutic Committee and approved by the Area Prescribing Committee.   
 Red Red-Hospital initiation and continuation only  
 Amber Shared Care Protocol AMBER SHARE CARE PROTOCOL- Medicines that should be initiated by a specialist and prescribed by primary care prescribers only under a shared care protocol, once the patient has been stabilised  
 Blue To be supplied from the appropriate commissioned provider.   
 Green 2 GREEN 2- to be prescribed by primary care only   
 Grey GREY- NON FORMULARY (As agreed by Area Prescribing Committee)