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 Formulary Chapter 5: Infections - Full Chapter

The Antibiotic Formulary and Prescribing Advice for Adult Patients should be read in conjunction with this chapter -  aim is to encourage the appropriate use of this valuable resource.


Antibiotic prescribing for primary care can be viewed via this link

Guidance on Antibiotic in Primary care

05.04.01  Expand sub section  Antimalarials
05.04.01  Expand sub section  Treatment of malaria
05.04.01  Expand sub section  Falciparum malaria (treatment)
05.04.01  Expand sub section  Benign malarias (treatment)
05.04.01  Expand sub section  Prophylaxis against malaria to top
05.04.01  Expand sub section  Specific recommendations
05.04.01  Expand sub section  Artemether with lumefabtrine
Artemether with lumefantrine (Riamet)
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tablets (treatment of uncomplicated Falciparum)

05.04.01  Expand sub section  Chloroquine
05.04.01  Expand sub section  Mefloquine
05.04.01  Expand sub section  Primaquine to top
05.04.01  Expand sub section  Proguanil
05.04.01  Expand sub section  Pyrimethamine
05.04.01  Expand sub section  Quinine
05.04.01  Expand sub section  Tetracyclines
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Section Title Section Title (sub level)
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Non Formulary Item Non Formulary section
Restricted Drug
Restricted Drug
Unlicensed Drug
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Traffic Light Status Information

Status Description


Green -Medicines suitable for routine use within primary care and Secondary care Can be initiated within primary care within their licensed indication, in accordance with nationally recognised formularies  


Amber- Medicines suitable to be prescribed in primary care after specialist /Consultant recommendation or initiation. A supporting prescribing guideline may be requested which must have been agreed by the relevant secondary care trust Medicines and Therapeutic Committee and approved by the Area Prescribing Committee.   


Red-Hospital initiation and continuation only  

Amber Shared Care Protocol

AMBER SHARE CARE PROTOCOL- Medicines that should be initiated by a specialist and prescribed by primary care prescribers only under a shared care protocol, once the patient has been stabilised  


To be supplied from the appropriate commissioned provider.   

Green 2

GREEN 2- to be prescribed by primary care only   


GREY- NON FORMULARY (As agreed by Area Prescribing Committee)