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Welcome to the Area Prescribing Committee for Northern Lincolnshire

Our principal role is to provide a collective, strategic approach to medicines management and prescribing. The APC has been formulated to review and maintain the Formulary covering the North Lincolnshire CCG, North East Lincolnshire CCG and the North Lincolnshire and Goole NHS Foundation Trust. Strategic leadership has been implemented to monitor resulting outcomes, on the safe, effective and efficient management of medicines across organisational interfaces, taking into account the impact on the entire health community of Northern Lincolnshire. A logical and systematic structure will be adopted to ensure that the Formulary can be used as a quick, effective and informative reference for prescribers.

Northern Lincolnshire APC Core Functions

  1. The APC is an ultimate decision making body.
  2. To develop a consistent approach to medicine-related patient care across the entire community in an environment where there is organisational autonomy and multiple care providers
  3. Focused on results rather than processes.
  4. Consistent approach to financial efficiency utilising new and progressive services/treatments whist removing obsolete and unnecessary therapeutics.
  5. Patient safety is paramount. The aim of the APC is to issue clear guidance for medical professionals, improve competences and ensure that NPSA and NICE guidelines are routinely available and always put into practice. This includes ensuring that all medicines with a relevant NICE Technical Appraisal (NICE TA) are available to the patients of our region.
  6. Promotion of clinical engagement and departmental liaison to ensure that the most appropriate outcomes are achieved in the most efficient manner.
  7. Assess the impact of APC decisions within its member organisations. There will be a yearly review inviting comment on all decisions made.
  8. Ensuring that the requirements of healthcare monitoring organisations are met particularly with respect to timeliness and equity of access to new medicines

If you have any problems with either of the above links or would like further information about the Formulary, please contact Pharmacy Office, at Scunthorpe General Hospital, on 01724 290095 who will direct your enquiry to the correct person:


For Medicine Information queries, please contact the relevant Medicine Information Department in your Trust. MI for NLaG is contactable at

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